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  • Sipho Mkhize

    South African Catholic’s bishops talking the language of DEMOCRACY – what a joke. What do they know about DEMOCRACY when the very church they serve and in which they are leaders knows absolutely nothing about the practice of DEMOCRACY.
    Who makes decision in the Church? Are women part of the decision-making? Who appoints bishops? I can go on with a plethora of concerns.

  • Nosiphiwo Dlova

    Please, do not get me wrong. But can the bishops tell us what their understanding of democracy is. As a woman in the church I cannot become a priest – I do not have a voice. And yet I can become anything I want to become in a democratic South Africa. The bishops must not fool us we are not blind to the reality. The church as it stand is just a patriarchal small world. Please Father Bishops stop the nonsense! I can believe the secular goverment when it talks democracy and the need to speak such a langauge.

  • James June

    Surely, the South African bishops do not have the mandate to speak on our behalf on issues of democracy and how it ought to be applied and lived. Let them be the first to embrace the democratic practices in the church’s corridors.

    If they the democratic practices is proving to be a problematic area for them then we have the valid reasons (as we always have had them) that they are just ‘holy’ puppets of the petrine system. In fact, to be a bishop in the Roman Catholic Church is to be a perpetual child with no brains of your own. Hands up someone who dreams of becoming one! I am out of this ecclesiastical game.

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