Is religious life still relevant today?

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  • Levi Tjambari

    Nyamadzawo, I totally agree and support your comment on what you have written ,there are certain things I feel humbers the relevency of religious life as a whole, sometimes it is the poeple who are left to take care of religious communities who runs the congregations as if they run a compony , forgeting that they have been entrusted there to lead the people of God towards Him and Him alone, I think that need to be looked into , and Yes of course religiuos life remain relevant, and need to move with the Church and not as if they exist on their own.

    Thanks and remain blessed

  • Prof.Lucas

    Today religious life is like any other profession. Looking for money, power, name and fame like more of worldly desires. I salute those very handful of religious who are very genuine and sincere in their work. Lots of caste differences inside the religious congregation. rubbish.

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