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Why did we need the new Mass translations?

Why was it necessary for the English version of the Mass to be given to us in a new translation? Did the authorities not understand that ordinary Catholics now have to replace their familiar missals with new ones that are practically unaffordable, particularly for pensioners? Will the local dioceses subsidise the poorer members of the […]

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Missal 3: The tale of two translations

The biggest task facing the International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL) in 1969 was the translation of the Order of the Mass.  The 1969 Roman Missal provided the original text and this had to be translated from Latin into appropriate English. The big question was “How do we do it?”

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Why Scripture translations differ

The second book of Maccabees 12:42-45 is often quoted in support of the Catholic belief that earthly prayer can contribute to releasing the dead from their sins. Protestants do not accept the books of Maccabees as part of their Bible and therefore cannot believe how our prayers can help release the dead from Purgatory. Why […]

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Mass translations: Things I can’t say

As far as I am aware, Bishop Edward Risi’s article “More on Mass changes” (August 19-25) is the third extensive article by the bishop on the changes in the Mass.

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More on liturgical translations

By Bishop Edward Risi OMI Immediately after the the Second Vatican Council, the body responsible for putting into practice the decisions of the Council in regard to the liturgy was known as the Concilium. It proposed the principles of “dynamic equivalence” as the way forward in preparing translations of the Mass in the vernacular.

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Liturgical translations explained

By Bishop Edward Risi During their January plenary session, the bishops of the Southern African Conference had the chance to evaluate the responses to the new English texts of the Mass received via the website of the Conference, in the post and also those which appeared in The Southern Cross.

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