Nuclear weapons still threaten the world

Americans and Russians living in or near a large city or major military installation are within 30 minutes of possibly being incinerated by nuclear weapons. And when considering that radiation fallout from a nuclear attack would hurt virtually everyone, we are all threatened by nuclear weapons.

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Avoid obsession with minor issues

From Frank Bompas, Johannesburg Over the past few weeks The Southern Cross has carried letters from John Lee and some others on the issue of the correct way to receive Communion, as well as the posture people should have during Mass.

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The rape epidemic

The systematic rape of women and children has always been a weapon of war, and this remains unchanged. Innumerable accounts from survivors of mass rape exist, even from recent conflicts.

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Benedict Daswa: Good news soon?

Soon South Africa could see its very first beatification if the pope decides to beatify the martyr Benedict Daswa. STUART GRAHAM finds out more.

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It’s Church teaching: Pay workers justly

In South Africa, the practicalities of the just wage are currently being severely tested with numerous workers’ strikes, most of which turn violent.

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Why suffering is salvific

BY FR RALPH DE HAHN Despite the incredible advances in medical science and psychotherapy  all humanity suffers under the sentence of death. This suffering is woven into the very fabric of human experience.

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