Why 40 Days?

Let’s talk about the significance of 40 days of Lent. Whenever God wanted to prepare someone for his purposes, he took 40 days. • Noah’s life was transformed by 40 days of rain. • Moses was transformed by 40 days on Mount Sinai. • The spies were transformed by 40 days in the Promised Land. […]

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The Way of the Cross Continues On

By Tony Magliano – In his strong identification with the poor and vulnerable, Jesus makes it perfectly clear that when we meet the needs of these least brothers and sisters, we are ultimately serving him. And when we – as individuals, churches, states and nations – do not adequately meet the needs of the down-trodden, we […]

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Relics of St Padre Pio arrive in Rome for jubilee

 By Cindy Wooden Thousands of people waited hours outside a Rome church to glimpse the mortal remains of St. Padre Pio and St. Leopold Mandic, two Capuchins popular as miracle workers and known particularly for the long hours they would spend hearing confessions.

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Pope Francis: Give – I’m not inventing it, it’s in the Bible

“This pope isn’t inventing that,” he insisted. “It’s in the Bible.” By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service A jubilee year that does not open people’s wallets to share what they have with others is not a true jubilee, Pope Francis said. “This pope isn’t inventing that,” he insisted. “It’s in the Bible.”

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Pope: Don’t judge Sinners, Help them Come Home

By Carol Glatz –On the eve of sending off “missionaries of mercy” to all corners of the globe, Pope Francis told his specially appointed men that the reassuring strength of God’s love – not the “bludgeon of judgement” of sinners – will bring the “lost sheep” back to the fold.

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Attacks on Priests

South African Catholics were shocked this month to learn of the brutal attack on a Cape Town priest in his presbytery during an apparent robbery.

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Why our Just God Forgives Sinners

In this Year of Mercy we are asked to show mercy to others. I cannot understand how God can be said to show mercy to us when we know that he is a just God and will punish sinners for their offences against his holy will. F Joshua

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Why We are called to Lenten Fast

Today the sense of fasting is diminishing. Seeing fast food restaurants makes our stomachs growl, as though we are angry lions.  And yet, we need fasting more than ever in these times, even with these pressing desires for instant gratification.

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The Hijacking of Carnival

One cannot have carnival in the middle of Lent, nor Mardi Gras in November My long-suffering wife already sighs when she sees the posters, knowing that the moment I also spot them, I will morph from being the ray of boyish sunshine I think I am into the grumbling grouch whom I increasingly encounter in […]

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