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Mercy and the Law

God’s laws are meant to lead all people to Christ and his glory — and if they do not, then they are obsolete. In fact, the scholars of the law in Jesus’ day were so wrapped up in doctrine as an end in itself that they were unable to see that Jesus was leading people [...]

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Mission Sunday’s Bishop

GUEST EDITORIAL BY MICHAEL SHACKLETON Mission Sunday should be taken seriously by African Catholics in general and Southern African Catholics in particular.

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Innocents of War

Guest editorial: Michael Shackleton Battlefields and graveyards mark the historical evidence of war in all parts of the world, our own among them. They are grim monuments to man’s inhumanity to man and the subsequent impact on political and social change over the centuries.

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The synod’s battlelines

There are heightened expectations that this month’s Synod of Bishops on the family might produce changes, especially on the question of Communion for divorced and remarried Catholics.

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The Daswa cause

When the Vatican examines the sainthood cause of Benedict Daswa on October 9, many in the South African Church will be praying intently for a favourable judgment.  Should the Congregation for Sainthood Causes recommend the cause and send it to Pope Francis for approval, the Holy Father may at some point announce that South Africa’s [...]

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The Church’s healing gift

In a perceptive column last week, our writer Sarah-Leah Pimentel proposed that Catholics make use of the sacrament of reconciliation as a part of an interior spring-clean. She described confession as “the gift the Church gives us to approach Christ in childlike trust and know that all things will be made new in the light [...]

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