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Christmas Trek and Back

GUEST EDITORIAL BY PULENG MATSANENG South Africa’s migratory culture makes the Christmas season especially vibrant. People plan for the season as early as the beginning of the year; many in the townships taking part in savings clubs.

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The fallout from the long postal strike

The long, protracted postal strike has done business in South Africa great harm. It affected especially small and medium-sized enterprises which rely on the services of a postal system, even one as chronically unreliable and inefficient as that provided by the South African Post Office (Sapo).

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Pope Francis’ position

Clearly, many people have yet to work out Pope Francis who in less than two years has profoundly changed the tone of the papacy, and therefore of the Church.

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The woman priest debate

The recent ordination in South Africa of a woman, Dr Mary Ryan, to the Catholic priesthood — an illicit and invalid act in Church law — has inevitably revived a long-running debate.

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The historical Jesus

Catholics will be exasperated by the periodic claims by experts, many of them self-proclaimed, that Jesus did not exist or that “new findings” reveal some controversy or other about him.

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Solidarity of Faiths

Recent reports from Pakistan of Christians being sentenced to death on charges of blasphemy, and even murdered for it, should alarm not only other Christians, but all people of goodwill.

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