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State-of-the-Nation: A Test of Leadership

When Jacob Zuma takes to the parliamentary podium to address South Africa in his annual State-of-the-Nation address on February 11, he will have an opportunity to showcase the successes of his government, but also to explain the alarming accumulation of blunders and scandals that have emanated from his administration.

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Stop the Scheming

The Catholic Church is not immune to internal conflict and division, to cliques, to scheming and backstabbing Every now and then Pope Francis reminds priests that they must not see their clerical ministry as a career path but as a service to God and to his people.

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No more racism

Racism – An Overdue Debate

The only proper response to racism is to say: “Not in my name!” Why are we still talking about race in South Africa, more than a quarter of a century after FW de Klerk declared the end of apartheid?

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The Church Can’t Exclude People

This week we cover over two pages the contentious subject of homosexuality in the context of our Catholic faith. We expect that these articles will provoke strong opinions, but also hope that they will invite judicious discernment and contribute to a lively and constructive debate.

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The Mother Teresa Debate

In 1982 Mother Teresa was asked whether she was a saint. “Please, let me die first,” she responded. In the public perception, the founder of the Missionaries of Charity was a living saint before her death on September 5, 1997. Were it not for the Church’s exhaustive process of inquiry before canonisation can take place, Mother […]

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Rising Against Corruption

We should be encouraged when authorities and the media expose cases of corruption in the South African government and civil service. It is an indicator that our democratic institutions are still at work, even if imperfectly so when those in power close ranks to protect the corrupt.

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Our Prayers for 2016

As we close a traumatic year, locally and worldwide, we enter 2016 with little hope that things may improve. But as believers we draw our courage from the Creator, that his will be done through people with prayer and working towards justice and peace.

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God’s Special Gift to Humans

In 2003 Archbishop DENIS HURLEY OMI wrote the Christmas guest editorial in The Southern Cross. It probably was the last of his writings to be published in his lifetime. To mark the centenary of the late archbishop’s birth this year, we reproduce this inspiring article here.

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His Name is God with us

GUEST EDITORIAL  BY FR PATRICK RAKEKETSI CSS – ‘O Emmanuel” is the seventh and last “O” antiphon. Emmanuel is the Greek form of the Hebrew “Immanuel”, a compound name of the words immanu, meaning “with us”, and El, meaning God.

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Why Race Still Matters

When the pioneers of the new, democratic South Africa combined as one national holiday the African and Afrikaner commemorations observed on December 16, they expressed great hope for our country’s future.

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