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The Power of the Pen

As South Africa’s only Catholic weekly, The Southern Cross enjoys a particular benefit, but one that also presents certain challenges.

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Peacemakers of God

Received wisdom in secular circles tends to hold religion responsible for most wars in history, with some ascribing religious motives to many conflicts even today.

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Freedom from slavery

Human trafficking is big global business, almost as lucrative as the drug trade — and even more revolting. In South Africa, it is the third-biggest form of crime, after the trade in drugs and arms.

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Convert the gangsters

Pope Francis assumed a great risk to his personal safety when he issued a strong condemnation of organised crime at a Mass in southern Italy in June. The pope was speaking in the region of Calabria, a stronghold of the ’Ndrangheta crime syndicate which is said to be even more powerful and richer than the Sicilian [...]

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Responding to lies

Speaking to a Spanish newspaper this month, Pope Francis said that he gets “a slight case of existential hives when I see that everybody has it in for the Church and Pius XII”.

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Are Catholic schools truly Catholic?

GUEST EDITORIAL KELSAY CORÊA Are there rosary beads dangling from Our Lady’s stone fingers in the school grounds? Are there statues balancing precariously on wooden plinths in dark hallways? Are there dusty crucifixes on the walls in every classroom? Do learners rattle off rote prayers? Is this how we judge whether a Catholic school is Catholic [...]

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