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My cup of coffee with the Lord

BY KARIN HUMAN My parish of Christ the King in Queenswood, Pretoria is one of only a few in the archdiocese to have Perpetual Adoration. In Queenswood, it has been in practice for more than ten years, without a break.

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Woman’s special place in Church

BY FR RALPH DE HAHN Reading through sacred scripture it is evident that the male writers failed to give women their rightful place. Men gave no credence to the views of women; even Paul mentions the risen Christ appearing only to men (1 Cor 15:3-8) when the gospels, which were written later, make it clear [...]

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Young people’s challenges

BY: Fr Dikotsi William Mofokeng In the run-up to the national and provincial elections in May, I followed with interest the political campaigns of various political parties — their rallies, manifestos and robust debate and promises made thereof.

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Why suffering is salvific

BY FR RALPH DE HAHN Despite the incredible advances in medical science and psychotherapy  all humanity suffers under the sentence of death. This suffering is woven into the very fabric of human experience.

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Our big debt to nuns

BY WINNIE GRAHAM Last month’s murder of Sr Mary Paule Tacke, the nun responsible for founding homes for orphaned children in the Eastern Cape, has highlighted the importance of making better known the work being done by religious sisters round South Africa.

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Porn on SA’s TV screens: What to do?

The broadcasting authority has given the go-ahead for pornography on South African TV. MICHAEL MAYER explains why this is very bad news and what Catholics can do about it.

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