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Urbanisation and the archdiocese Of Cape Town

 The Catholic Archdiocese of Cape Town occupies an area of 30 842 square kms, but almost 90% of the population in this area live in the Cape Metropolitan Area (CMA), 2 159 square kms, or 7% of the geographic area. There is much diversity in population density. The average population density in the diocese is 1 460 people […]

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Sin, Out of Fashion? A Meditation on an Unpopular Word

Sin has a serious effect on our inner happiness and sense of peace. Sin, a Three-fold Effect I have not specialised in the study of Moral Theology, so I wonder why I hear some moral theologians say that we should not use the word “sin” any more. Jesus’ message included the command to turn away […]

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Inculturation Re-visited

Rome Losing Interest? Unlike the late Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict seldom speaks about inculturation. But the fact that he has set up a new Congregation for New Evangelization, with a special Synod due in 2012, indicates that he is taking the postmodern culture seriously, especially in relation to the serious loss of faith […]

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Property- Who does it belong to?

A Brief Survey of the Church’s Social Teachings on Property Ownership, as evident from the Encyclicals since 1891. (Fr Pierre Goldie, June, 2011) The Church supports the principle of private ownership, firmly rejects any socialist solution to poverty and inequalities (thereby rejecting nationalization), but insists it is the moral duty of those with surplus assets […]

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Mission to all six continents

Having focussed largely on Christian mission “to the ends of the earth”, the West is now turning inwards, to its own culture, to revive its flagging faith. Already in 1943, a book suggested that France was a mission field, that its people were largely non-believers and superstitious, and that this could also be applied to […]

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Why a weak Rand can hurt the weak

Many-handed Economists Economists are wont to say “on the one hand this… on the other hand that…”. What they are trying to is to hold different variables in tension with each other, as economics seldom involves only two variables. A weak Rand will boost the profits of the companies which derive income from overseas, as […]

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African Ancestor Beliefs and the Catholic Communion of Saints: Concord or Conflict?

Most if not all Black Catholics within the Archdiocese of Cape Town (“ACT”), South Africa, pray to their ancestors. Is this acceptable in terms of our faith? Does it amount to idolatry as some maintain? Should this practice be banned, as some Christian denominations have insisted? Can it be harmonized partially or completely with the […]

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Crime in South Africa: The Other Side of the Equation

We are accustomed to reading about crime every day, lamenting about it and criticizing the police, security companies, and government, of course. But do we ever ask “Why is there so much crime, what is causing so many people to turn to crime in South Africa?” This article offers a few suggestions, looking at probable […]

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Executive Salaries

The Boss earns 200 times the amount earned by the office cleaner….why? There has been much attention given to the size of executive salaries, and how many times these salaries exceed the lowest staff salary in a particular organization. Why are these top level people paid so much, is there any justification? The Bible tells […]

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Reflections on the Economic Agenda of “Caritas in Veritate”

REFLECTIONS ON THE ECONOMIC AGENDA OF “CARITAS IN VERITATE”, POPE BENEDICT XVI’s NEW ENCYCLICAL LETTER (2009) Developing nations owe between $ 2 000 billion and $ 3 000 billion. This compares with expenditure in arms in 2008 of $ 1 460 billion. The top 20% of population consume 86.5% of the annual “cake” produced by […]

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