Harmful Text Changes in Liturgy

3 Responses

  1. Derrick Kourie says:

    I absolutely agree. My fear is that this imposition from the Vatican is symptomatic a much wider instinct to impose rather than to listen (the name “Benedict” notwithstanding); to patronise rather than to genuinely engage; and to conflate the doctrine of papal infallibility with administrative inerrancy.

    In short, it seems to me that we have a case of the Vatican quite literally fiddling while Rome burns: needless tinkering with relatively minor matters while the churches of the developed countries (especially the English-speaking churches) age and die out. It seems as if the Vatican has simply accepted that as an inevitability, attributable to the wickedness of the West rather than the lack of aggiorniamento within its own ranks.

  2. Tony Wallace says:

    Can you explain where this “I am not worthy to come under your roof” stuff came from. “I am not worth to receive you” seems to make more sense to me.

  3. Frank Kahney says:

    ‘Under my roof’ comes from the Centurion who wanted Jesus to heal his servant. He insisted Our Lord could do this without entering his ‘unworthy’ house.

    Our Lord was astonished at the degree of faith the Centurion showed — even more than any [non-Gentile] in the Land.