Is Veneration of Relic an Act of Idolatry?

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  1. Emmanuel says:

    Thanks for the opportunity.I fail to understand why should it be wrong to show reverence to the relics as we all know that, in all our parishes all the alters do have relics of different man of God.We do not venerate to the wooden table but we venerate due to the relics builed on the alter.The priest will kiss the the relics,we all bow before the alter as a sign of appriciating the gift of that particuler person who’s bones are builed on the alter.My question is, if the blood of Holy father Pope John Paul was on the alter as relics we could have fail to venerate as to show our reverence as part of our tradition to man of God?Remember as Catholics we believe in scripture and tradition so things like way of the cross,venerations, Marydology and other sacraments are part of our tradition and we will always leave with them.