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John Paul II: The Pope of Human Rights

in the life of John Paul II, in particular around the central theme of freedom. In 36 posters, the exhibition charted John Paul’s efforts “towards creating the new world, free…

Pope Paul VI Changed the Church

Pope Paul VI is depicted in a tapestry on the facade of St Peter’s basilica during his beatification Mass in 2014. He was canonised there on October 14. (Photo: Paul

Year-end Review 2003

…recorded a 91,9% matric pass rate in 2002, up by 3,7% from the previous year. Saddam Husseins deputy, Tariq Aziz, a Catholic, meets with Pope John Paul in the Vatican….

Legacy of the smiling pope

anniversary of the death of John XXIII; the 40th of the election and 25th of the death of Paul VI; and the 25th anniversary of John Paul I’s short reign;…

John Paul II the Great

the Catholic Church really is in world affairs, contrary to the impression created by the secular media here. In the pantheon of great leaders of the 20th century, John Paul