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Archbishop On Ancestors And The Faith In Africa

PASTORAL LETTERS ON MARY AND MATTERS ANCESTRAL, by Archbishop Buti Tlhagale OMI. SA Catholic Online Books. 2018. 255pp. Reviewed by Michael Shackleton Archbishop Buti Tlhagale of Johannesburg, has a plan: to build a place...

Hurley Letters: Advocating Real Christianity

A LIFE IN LETTERS: Selected Correspondence of Denis Hurley. Edited by Philippe Denis, Paddy Kearney & Jane Argall. Cluster Publications, Pietermaritzburg. 2008. 541pp. Reviewed by Mike Pothier To anyone who knew him, however remotely,...

See the Divine Light in Others

Guest editorial by Fr Stefan Hippler Every year on World Aids Day, December 1, we are reminded of the plight of the more than 34 million people living with HIV/Aids and — depending where they...

SA Catholic Giant Paddy Kearney Dies

Paddy Kearney, the biographer of Archbishop Denis Hurley and former director of the Diakonia Council of Churches, died suddenly of heart attack in the afternoon of November 23. He was 76.

Every Bishop in Chile Resigns after Lashing by Pope

The entire episcopate of Chile has resigned over the handling of sex abuse allegations after receiving an unprecedented dressing-down from Pope Francis, as JUNNO AROCHO ESTEVES reports. VATICAN CITY (CNS)— Every bishop in Chile...

St Benedict’s College 60th Jubilee Mass!

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Christian Movie Opens Throughout SA

Named after MercyMe’s 2001 Christian-rock hit of the same title — the best-selling Christian single of all time — I Can Only Imagine tells the story of MercyMe lead singer Bart Millard, who as a child is emotionally and physically abused by his father (Dennis Quaid) and abandoned by his mother.

Feeling a Fool Because of May

Some of the children at my son’s school have been tasked with learning the maypole dance. The dance is performed by pairs of boys and girls who stand alternately around the base of the maypole — a painted pole, decorated with flowers, around which people traditionally dance on May Day — each holding the end of a ribbon.

And Now For the Bad News

Due to sharp increases in the production and distribution of The Southern Cross, as well as the recent VAT increase, we are forced to increase the cover price of the newspaper as of May to R10.