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Holy Russia? Believers Debate Putin’s Record as a Christian Leader

While many commentators in the west see Russian President Vladimir Putin as an authoritarian leader who tirelessly plots to revive a Soviet-sized empire, others celebrate Putin as an Eastern Orthodox czar, warring with the forces of the Antichrist in an apocalyptic struggle for the soul of Christian civilisation.

Did You Know East Timor is 80% Catholic?

After six weeks of negotiation, an alliance led by the former revolutionary party Fretilin will lead the economically troubled Catholic nation of East Timor for the next five years.

Beijing Retains a Tight Grip on the Church

The Chinese Communist Party’s top leader in charge of religion has made it clear that Beijing intends to retain a tight grip on the Catholic Church. Yu Zhengsheng, a member of the elite seven-man...

Bishops to South Sudan: Declare Bankrupcy

The head of the Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference challenged South Sudan to admit it is bankrupt after it failed to raise the funds to host Independence Day celebrations for a third year running. Bishop...