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Sunday Times Associate Editor Talks to Seminarians

Catholic seminarians hosted prominent political journalist Ranjeni Munusamy as a guest lecturer. Ms Munusamy, currently associate editor of The Sunday Times and previously of The Daily Maverick, comes from Dundee diocese and is at present a parishioner in Bryanston, Johannesburg

Would You Watch Jesus on Reality TV?

Julia Beacroft asks: If Jesus were to appear on our screens today as a chat-show guest, would you follow my son’s example and enthusiastically shout: “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!”?

Don’t use Media to Lie, or Hurt, Frighten People

The media must not stir up fear when covering issues or events such as forced migration due to war or famine, Pope Francis said. While criticism and exposing wrongdoing is “legitimate and, I would add,...

Salt+Light witness interview: Fr James Martin SJ

February 28, 2014 – Fr. James Martin SJ, is a Jesuit priest, award-winning author and Editor-at-Large at AMERICA, the national Catholic magazine published by the Society of Jesus in the United States. After working...