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ACTS Students Bond in Castle Tour

Members of the Association of Catholic Tertiary Students (ACTS) in the Western Cape embarked on a poignant tour of the Castle in Cape Town. Completed in 1679 by the Dutch East India Company, the Castle is the oldest surviving colonial building in South Africa.

10 Saints To Inspire You During Lent – Part One

We are now entering the stage of Lent in which we tend to falter a little in keeping to our Lenten vows. The temptation to just forget about them for a few minutes (or hours, or days, etc), or the feeling of outright giving up because you believe you simply cannot commit to your resolutions becomes strong.

CPLO Response to Budget Speech 2018

Responding to the budget speech made by finance minister Malusi Gigaba on Wednesday, a Church analyst said that it seems to be a “fairly sincere attempt” to help South Africans escape out of the “fiscal pit” that the administration under Jacob Zuma had dug during his tenure as president.