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John Paul II: A brief biography

Blessed John Paul II, who will be canonised on April 27, was one of the most forceful moral leaders of the modern age.He brought a philosopher’s intellect,...

John Paul II: The jet-setter pope

There was a time was when the world came to the pope. Under John Paul II, the pope also came to the world, as JOHN?THAVIS?reports.

John XXIII’s secretary tells tales of his famous boss

By Francis X. Rocca, Catholic News Service When the freshly named patriarch of Venice, Cardinal Angelo Roncalli, chose 37-year old Father Loris Capovilla as his personal secretary...

Blessed Pope John Paul II

On this Dominica in Albis: a new Beatus to pray for us to God! Imagine if a mother offered her son a gift that would only improve his life, would...

Creators – Paul Johnson

CREATORS: From Chaucer to Walt Disney, by Paul Johnson. Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London. 2006. 310 pp. Reviewed by Chris Chatteris SJ