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John Paul II: The Pope of Human Rights

He is acknowledged as a great leader in Christian history — a global leader, a world statesman. The most travelled pontiff in the history of the Catholic Church was hailed for his human rights and political activism. St John Paul II was a peacemaker.

Does Jesus Check Your Membership?

I  grew up in the Anglican Church and became a Catholic in my teens. There’s much interdenominational diversity within my family, and that diversity has given me great tolerance for the denominations of my family members — and they for mine. So one thing I feel very strongly about is Christian ecumenism.

J & P Advocacy Strategies: How to be an Agent of Change

The Justice & Peace Commission of Durban archdiocese hosted a workshop on advocacy, lobbying and training at Albert Falls Conference Centre. The workshop was presented by archdiocese J&P coordinator Kalie Senyane, with chaplain Fr Cyril Xaba, Fr Sipho Mbatha of Eshowe diocese, Robert Mafinyori of the SACBC Justice & Peace Commission, and Dr Kudakwashe Shonhiwa of Peace Oasis International.

Bishop Abel Gabuza Warns on Water for Mining

Bishop Abel Gabuza of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference’s Justice and Peace Commission (J&P) has called on the new minister of mineral resources to prioritise environmental challenges associated with mining, especially the protection of water against the pursuit of short-term economic gains in the mining industry.

Lifted By the Winds of Lent

Like many young children, I had a vivid and expressive imagination when I was young, and that came especially to the fore during play times. A princess who needed to be rescued, a wicked witch and an intrepid explorer were among the fantasy roles I enjoyed enacting.

The Feast of St Joseph

  Today is the Feast of St Joseph. We don’t know much about Jesus’ earthly father. We know he was from a good family …both Luke and Matthew record Joseph in their genealogies. The...

Can’t Forgive Others? You Need the Holy Spirit

Forgiving those who have caused pain or offence is not easy, Pope Francis said. It is a grace that we have to ask for,” because the peace offered by Christ cannot take root in a heart that is incapable of living in fraternity with others and incapable of rebuilding those bonds after being wounded, the pope said