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Schools Gear up for De La Salle’s 300 Years

April 7 next year marks the 300th anniversary of John Baptist De La Salle, a pioneer of Catholic schools throughout the world, including South Africa.

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Are We Doomed?

Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ is like a whisper against thunder. All around us, his call to respect the biodiversity of planet Earth is ignored. Has the pope’s lone voice any serious listeners outside...

Big Bang to be Named in Honour of Priest

The International Astronomical Union has voted in favour of a recommendation to rename the official term for the Big Bang Theory to acknowledge the contributions of Belgian priest and astronomer Georges Lemaître to the scientific theory of the expansion of the universe.

Eshowe Youth Confirmed!

Twelve young people were confirmed at St Benedict’s cathedral in Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal. With the candidates are (far left) cathechist Ori Vaarmark, Bishop Xolelo Kumalo, and (far right) Fr Victor Chavunga OSB. (Submitted by Henry Chavunga)...

Dealing with the Loss of a Child

The loss of a child — in utero or later — gives us a sense of so much loss of potential, a loss of possibility, and a loss of the story of relationship that we are all part of.

Cupcakes for Cancer!

The MAIM ministry (Ministry of Assistance to Mothers and Infants) of Christ the King parish in Wentworth, Durban, held a “Cupcake Cancer Day”, with the proceeds going to a hospice. (Submitted by Brenda Abbott) More Stories: Where Does a Bishop...

A Synod on Women?

Following last month’s Synod of Bishops on Youth, suggestions have been made that the next synod might be dedicated to women. This would be a natural progression: after the two synods on the family...