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Pope: A Swiss Guard Has Faith, Love, Courage & Patience

The steadfast faith and love for the Catholic Church that have characterised members of the Swiss Guard for centuries must be part of the men’s lives even after they have stopped wearing their colourful medieval uniforms and carrying their halberds, Pope Francis said.

How the first SA-Founded Religious Order Came to Be

In only three years Francis Pfanner had become world-famous. In 1885 Mariannhill was given the status of an abbey, and Pfanner was consecrated its first mitred abbot. The abbot was passionate about spreading the benefits of education and Christianity further afield. Soon a network of mission churches sprang up through southern Natal, each on farmland that was sufficient to feed its congregants.

How Papal Decisions Can Lead to Change

In response to Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation on the family, Amoris Laetitia, three bishops presented a statement about the “immutable truths” of sacramental marriage, and four cardinals sent a dubia to Pope Francis — and then made sure that the press gave it full coverage. 

A Changing Church: Some Can, Some Can’t

Mgr Vincent Hill, Pretoria – Some people, also in the Church, resist any reform, especially if it requires changing themselves. Isaac Newton stated the physical law that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The same applies to every change. Some get left behind, others try to reverse decisions made, showing they do not understand or accept the changes.

Southern Cross Historian Dies Suddenly

A memorial service was held for the writer of history articles recently published in The Southern Cross, who died suddenly while in Mexico. Martin Keenan’s articles on the early Church in the Cape had appeared in The Southern Cross over the past few months.