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Following in St Isidore’s Footsteps

We had a vegetable garden in our own backyard at home and I assisted with that. Planting the flowers (from seed) was my specialty. I still remember watching the alyssum, zinnias, snapdragons and other flowers come to life.

The Feast of St Joseph

  Today is the Feast of St Joseph. We don’t know much about Jesus’ earthly father. We know he was from a good family …both Luke and Matthew record Joseph in their genealogies. The...

10 Saints To Inspire You During Lent – Part One

We are now entering the stage of Lent in which we tend to falter a little in keeping to our Lenten vows. The temptation to just forget about them for a few minutes (or hours, or days, etc), or the feeling of outright giving up because you believe you simply cannot commit to your resolutions becomes strong.

Paul VI Set to be Saint

The Congregation for the Causes of Saints approved has the second miracle needed for the canonisation of Blessed Pope Paul VI, allowing his canonisation to take place, possibly later this year.

Blessed Benedict Daswa Feast Day!

The theme for this year’s feast of Bl Benedict Daswa is “Called to be Jesus’ disciples like Bl Benedict Daswa”. The celebrations of the feast day will take place on February 1 at Tshitanini Village near Ṱhohoyandou, where the future shrine and pilgrimage centre will be located.

Clare of Assisi and Therese of Lisieux

It’s good to have new biographical works of two women saints: St. Clare of Assisi and St. Therese of Lisieux. Both are famous saints to Catholics, but there is limited knowledge of them outside the church. These publications may correct that.