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Download our pdf rate card to view our print advertising rates.
Please note that these rates apply to Black and white adverts only.

New Rates 2017

Option A: (H) 8cm x 15cm (4 columns)     R808.00
Option B: (H) 15cm x 11.1cm (3 columns) R1136.25
Option C: Full Page (H) 37,5cm x 26,3cm R4 645.00
Option D: (H) 10cm x 11,1cm (3 columns) R757.50
Option E: (H) 4cm x 7,3cm (2 columns)    R202.00
Option F: (H) 12cm x 7,3cm (2 columns)  R606.00
Option G: Half Page (H) 20cm x 26, 3cm  R2 526.00
Option H: (H) 8cm x 3.5cm                         R202.00

For more information or to place an advert, please contact Yolanda: | (021) 465 5007