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Pope’s Video Greeting to Ireland

 As he prepared to travel to Ireland for the World Meeting of Families, Pope Francis said he hoped his visit would “remind us all of the essential place of the family in the life of society and in the building of a better future for today’s young people.”

Top-rated Pope Film Won’t Be Screened in SA

A  critically acclaimed documentary about Pope Francis by award-winning director Wim Wenders will not go on circuit in South African, or any African, cinemas anytime soon. The feature-length documentary Pope Francis: A Man Of His Word, which was lauded by film critics worldwide, will not come to Africa because the international distributors have no plans at present of bringing it to the continent with the world’s fastest-rising Catholic population.

Pope: The Path to Holiness Isn’t for the Lazy

Christ’s commandment to love God and neighbour is a path trodden by those who have the desire to become saints, Pope Francis told thousands of altar servers from around the world. “Yes, it does...

Pope: Help those in Need, Never Waste Food

Leftovers should be eaten later or given to someone in need who will eat them, the pope said, advising people to talk to their relatives who lived through the aftermath of the Second World War and ask what they did with any uneaten food.

Pope: A Good Christian Shares the Gospel

All Christians are called to be missionaries, concerned more with sharing the Gospel than with earning money or even with being successful at winning converts, Pope Francis said. “A baptised person who does not...