What we can learn from the Marikana tragedy

2 Responses

  1. Derrick Kourie says:

    The good cardinal’s question about what the Church can do is very pertinent. I have two concrete suggestions:

    1. I propose that the Catholic bishops, together with as many other faith communities as possible, formulate a common prayer to be recited at all weekly services—a prayer for the cessation of all forms of crime, violence and corruption and for the coversion of criminals. I feel sure that the Lord will respond generously to such a country-wide prayer campaign.

    2. I also propose that the churches embark on a campaign of political education which focusses on making people aware of their power if they exercise their vote with discretion. I am not convinced that the electorate is sufficiently aware of the secrecy of their vote, the fact that they need not feel bound to one political party, etc. The electorate’s culture of compliance needs to be changed. I believe that corruption will decrease and service delivery increase in proportion to the extent that parties in power feel vulnerable if they don’t perform.

    I believe that the Catholic bishops are uniquely position to take a lead in these matters.