St John Vianney today

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  1. Father Fano Ngcobo says:

    Fr Parry makes valid points as he takes us through the life of this holy man (John Mary Vianney). And, perhaps, Fr Parry speak from a context of being a church person and priest. But I want to take his point further by saying that a priest today, is called to immerse himself in the daily struggles of the people more that ever before. When priests learn to love wholeheartedly and with less of self-interest and less of a fixation as to who the greatest-is-among-them-all-attitude – only then will a priest in the John Mary Vianney be realize in the church.

    But should we be blaming a priest if his behaviour is somewhat twisted and unbecoming, given the fact of the society we are. Almost everyone, perhaps, with less percentage, is preoccupied with what-in-for-me-attitude. A priest is not a sacred cow, as some would want us to believe.

    Perhaps, the training of would be priests needs an overhaul. Why not train them either living in their home/families and local environment where they will constantly be remnded of the poverty and the struggles of the people they are to serve.

    I think that Fr Perry ought to develop a theology of making soup with and for the boys by taking them and us back to the basics.

  2. jonathan says:

    good day

    i would like to become a priest i have a calling for this and have been thinking about it for some years now im 28 years old and would like to know if you could help me through the process

    kind regards

  3. Gnther Simmermacher says:

    Jonathan, you should get in touch with the Vocations Director of your diocese, or with the religious congregations that may appeal to you.

    All the best in following God’s call.

  4. i am making a researh about st. john vianney as a model of all priests of this modern world, i just want to know what are the struggles of some priests today, and how can i address it through the example of st. john vianney

    thank you
    from seminarian kevin rey arguelles

  5. Father Fano Ngcobo says:

    Dear Kevin. Thank you for the passion you have to want to look at the life of Saint John Vianney vis-a-vis the priestly life of modern priest. It takes great courage to do that! Perhaps by just approaching priests you are familiar with might help achieve your goal. The challenges confronting men of the cloth are manifold and at times sensitive. Poor priests can be like children at times notwithstanding the level of education they have. In addition to your intended assignment, a race factor needs to be considered here – a black man (priest) is not likely to open up to a white man (priest) about that which haunts him. This calls for understanding the race relations dynamics in 1. South Africa and 2. in the church. It’s still is a very long journey to heaven! Good luck though.