Part 15: Beer, art and faith in Bavaria

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  1. I enjoyed reading the commentary of Mr. Gunther Simmermacher. He also has a very German surname! I am at presently on home leave here in Cape Town my home Town and actually work for Missio in Munich at a students residence belonging to Missio. I could very well picture all the places Mr. Simmermacher described. I also had the priviliedge last year to be at the Oberammergau Passion Play – an experience I will never gorget! The way he depicts the picturesque bavaria is so vivid. I believe that in spite of the problems that the Church faces in Germany, the faith of the people is very profound.The simplicity of the rural farmers attending Mass in the beautiful old village churches is often an inspiration to me. Many of the bigger Churches are not too packed as formerly but let us pray the the prayer and faith of those believers may spark up” the fire in the ashes ”
    Thanks for keeping me updated about our Church in my homeland South Africa.