Blame dull catechism classes

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  1. This is such good letter. The author is to be commended for her future potential.

    The subject of youth, their religious education and the need for a personal encounter with Jesus was close to the heart of the late Fr Jack O’Brien – who wrote a column in this weekly Catholic Newspaper for years. He seemed to believe that using Scripture more when catechising youth would be beneficial to facilitating that encounter.

    Our general education system focuses on the development of logical, rational intelligence of learners but that needs to be balanced by experiencing the inexplicable, the paradoxes, the basics of dealing with both life and all this can entail, including suffering and death.

  2. Marieke Vrugtman says:

    This excellent letter is so refreshing coming from a young lady in a Confirmation class. We can give thanks to God for the ‘cross-pollination’ of our faith from peers in other denominations who help us to ‘catch’ a love for Our Lord Jesus Christ. The writer has hit the nail on the head – without a personal relationship with Jesus, catechism teachers may strive in vain to teach the faith. It is relationship that makes all the difference.
    This warms my heart.

  3. Deirdre Lewis says:

    Although l am 64 years old, had all the advantages of convent school education and parents who were a good example, l have to agree with the writer of this letter. Catholics teach children ABOUT God…no one teaches our children how to experience a relationship with Him. This is something l learned from my Protestant friends, particularly Charismatic Christians! I don’t know what the answer is but unless we find one, we will continue to see our youth joining other churches or, even worse, giving up on God altogether.

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