Author: Letters Editor

Answers on Jesuit Abuse Case

Fr David Rowan SJ, Regional superior, Society of Jesus in South Africa – Although all the issues raised have been addressed in numerous media recently, the Southern Cross letter “Clear answers now on abuse”...

Mary as Mother and Advocate

Fr Sekabata Solomon Mphela OFM, Johannesburg – The feast of St Francis falls in October during the month of the rosary, and I have often wondered,  who was the Blessed Virgin Mary for St...

No Stopwatch When Praying!

Tom Drake, Johannesburg – Different folks, different strokes! I have always had a problem with set prayers rattled off in community, or perhaps even on one’s own. It seems to me that prayer is,...

If Pope is Innocent of Vigano’s Claim, Let Him Say So

The Southern Cross editorial of September 12 in favour of a Truth & Reconciliation Commission for repairing the abuse scandal and restoring justice to the Church in the wake of the terrible crisis engulfing the whole Body of Christ, deserves grateful praise.

This Violence is Not Who We Are!

While I was reading an article by Ricardo da Silva SJ on Jesuit Institute Connect, titled “A Pain That We Must Hold”, my mind took me to the recent survey concerning the escalating level of violence in our country.