Quiet time for the Eucharist

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  • Rosemary Gravenor

    It all seems to happen quite ordered and organized in the parish I attend Mass. The choir files first for communion.

    I would suggest looking at ‘Centering’ taught by Fr Thomas Keating (via Contemplative Outreach) where with practice,one can have a quiet time with God – even in a busy airport terminal…

    For more info: http://www.centering.co.za

  • Derrick Kourie

    St Augustine opined that when you sing, you pray twice. I suggest that when you provide musical accompaniment for those who sing, you pray three times ;-).

  • I wouldn’t take the advice given by Rosemary Gravenor above. This is why: http://bit.ly/W3AkNC

  • P.R.Margeot

    Thank you to Mark Nel for warning readers about the ideas of the first writer above. When one realizes that she is a fervent supporter of the ….ordination of women and member of the ” We are church” movement”, then one should be aware when red lights are flshing. The reader in question has been told many times that her wild dreams will never come to fruition in the Catholic Church. So she needs to save her energies.

    Oremus pro invicem

  • Victor Victoria

    I wouldn’t take the advice given by MN above. This is why: https://www.scross.co.za/2012/12/latin-means-centralisation/comment-page-1/#comment-222042

  • Victor Victoria

    Readers should be warned about the ideas of the previous writer above. When one realizes that PRM is a fervent supporter of such ideas as the Second Vatican Council having “went wrong, very wrong,” and that “errors crept in [to the Council]” … then one should be aware of red lights flashing.

    [What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, so someone told me …]

  • VV, do you actually agree with the form of centering prayer recommended by Rosemary Gravenor? It seems clear that you do by virtue of the fact that you state that readers should not take note of the warning from me about the dangers of the centering prayer she recommends!

  • Malcolm

    Thanks for the WARNING, Mark.

    In fact, your advice is always spot on, keep up the good work Mark.

  • Malcolm

    Have just read your blog on centering, well done Mark, thank you, for the good you do.

  • P.R.Margeot

    The Revolution has been stemmed, the Catholic ship is on its way, at last. The progressives are out of breath, and are on the defensive. They react a lot these days.
    A tree is judged by its fruits.

    Dominus vobiscum

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