Interfereniks in the parish

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  1. Jim McCrea says:

    “Calling for volunteers among parishioners unfortunately also tends to draw out control freaks who inevitably end up going beyond the original notion of fixing broken windows, tending gardens, doing the flowers, and working in the soup kitchen or at the bring-and-buy tables.”

    If that is the author’s idea of what was meant by APOSTOLICAM ACTUOSITATEM (Decree on the Apostolate of Lay People) then he needs to re-read that document. The “original notion” of this Decree was NOT to fix broken windows, etc.

    Rather, the Introduction itself states: “To intensify the apostolic activity of the people of God, the most holy synod earnestly addresses itself to the laity … Our own times require of the laity no less zeal: in fact, modern conditions demand that their apostolate be broadened and intensified … An indication of this manifold and pressing need is the unmistakable work being done today by the Holy Spirit in making the laity ever more conscious of their own responsibility and encouraging them to serve Christ and the Church in all circumstances.”
    This vocation of apostolic activity calls for a mature complementary relationship between the laity and the ordained. A relationship where “Father (allegedly) knows best” will not work anymore. To think otherwise is to court an ever decreasing parish membership and an ever-ineffective role of the church in society.