The abscess had to burst for Church to heal

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  1. P.R.Margeot says:

    Indeed, the Holy Catholic Church has been shaken to her foundations in the past 40 years. In terms of damage done,one would venture to say that it was worse than the French Revolution.The damage and ravage were incalculable because we are talking here of the salvation of souls,of souls which may have been lost when so many Catholics left the Church,when so many became disorientated,when there was general apostasy,following the innovations ,changes, introduction of the new rites,etc.
    The Pope is leading the way and slowly he is taking command of the Holy Church.This is the time when the Bishops and priests will have to show their obedience to the Supreme Pastor as he is trying to save the Church.We must pray for our priests,particularly for those for are genuinely seeking to find the old Mass,the mass of all time.There are many priests world-wide who are familiarizing themselves with that mass AND many young people as well who are attracted to the sacredness of that mass, its solemnity, the traditional aspect of the old mass,and the fact that there is much more quietness,silence,modesty in dressing in a church where the mass of all time is said.
    Let us pray for our priests,that they may not be subjected to temptations ,that they realize that in the world,there are dangers. They live in the world, but are not of the world.No, a Catholic priest is apart from the rest of humanity,his life is a life of sacrifice,love,dedication to the faithful,his unique pre-occupation is to save souls through the sacrifice of the mass,the sacrifice of Calvary,through spending hours if need be in the confessional to listen ,to advise, to absolve,and give peace to countless Catholics,as the holy Cur of Ars did…

  2. P.R.Margeot says:

    Now that the 14th September 2010 has come and gone, it would be interesting to know what the Bishops in S.A. have reported to the Pope(concerning the application of the Motu Proprio, after three full years). If their report is not confidential, the faithful would be delighted to know what was the requests for the mass of all time from the faithful. It is known that in SA, Catholics are less aware of the historic Motu Proprio of 7/7/07 which “freed” the Tridentine mass. Catholics also know that that mass was never banned officially….And yet, to do justice to the truth, very fews Bishops allowed the old mass. My prayer to the Bishops who still hold enormous power in the Church, be generous, magnanimous, allow the mass to be said freely, you will be surprised, and you would be in the vanguard as the faithful will remember you as having been the ones who favoured unity among Catholics. You risk nothing ! And you would make many people very happy. Happier times are coming to our Holy Church.

  3. P.R.Margeot says:

    Since november 2010, lots of things have happened. More and more churches are allowing the Tridentine Mass, in France in particular. Some bishops have started bo realize that indeed, something is happening ! It is in the air !!
    Catholics need to be told about the Motu Proprio of the Pope in July 2007 “freeing” the old mass… That mass was never banned officially, the reason was that it could NEVER be banned. That sure knowledge of the true situation prompted Mgr. Marcel Lefebvre to keep the mass in the late 60’s. The rest is history. Through him largely, the Tridentine has been saved, in extremis it is true, but it is now safely back around the world through the heroic actions of that great Bishop and the Priestly Society of St Pius X which now has 551 priests around the world and 192 seminarians in 6 seminaries, 102 Brothers,179 sisters, 77 oblates. For his actions , courage, honesty, humility,Faith(he was so sure of himself because he was so sure of God), he will surely be rewarded. The Holy Church one day will say thank you to him.
    From Heaven , I am sure that he intercedes on our behalf.