Bad homilies are a turn-off

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  1. YMO Erasmus says:

    I have to agree with Roy from Tzaneen. I have a 5yr old little girl and I really feel sorry that she is expected to sit still for such a long time while the priest preaches his homily. I wish they would have a special liturgy for the little ones to minister to them also, I mean, don’t they count also. I try my best to keep her ‘busy’ with things like religious books and no noise toys, which then distracts me to, so I’m half listening to the sermon and half trying to keep her busy. I think it is unreasonable for us to expect a 5yr old to sit still through the whole of Mass. I just wish the priest would ‘re-invent’ themselves, I mean, you don’t have to change what you have to do…just the way you do it.

    and then after the homily, she can’t see what’s going on and we have to pick her up and she must try to look in betwixt the adults heads to try and see what Father is doing in the front.

  2. lily p fynn says:

    YMO Erasmus, a five-year-old can be in grade R or even in grade 1. You lament the fact that a five-year-old has to sit still through ‘the whole of Mass’. You make it sound as though Mass in your parish is a long, drawn -out affair of several hours. The celebration of Holy Mass generally takes an hour. How will this poor child cope in school? There she will sit for a whole lot longer than an hour plus she will be expected to behave according to her grade.If you have a problem with your little girl’s inabilityto sit still in church, why not make use of the cry room? I wonder if you have ever noticed that some children younger than five years can actually sit still for most of the Mass? I think it is a mistake to take toys to church so the child can play. Church is not a playroom or nursery – you take the child with you to Mass so that she can begin to learn about her faith and develop a lasting respect for God’s house. I agree on one of your points, though: that there should be a Children’s Mass in every parish where there are young children. A lot of parishes used to have special Masses for Children and young adults once a month. Perhaps you should discuss the revival of that if they have been discontinued.