The Crucial Importance of Voting with a Christian Conscience

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  1. Victor Victoria says:

    “He [Jesus] is running as an unborn baby threatened by abortion, a starving child, a poor mother whose resources have run out, a war-weary desperate father with five children, a hard-working undocumented immigrant, a Christian refugee fleeing ISIS, a Central American teenager seeking asylum from gang violence, a heroin addicted young man, a little child drinking polluted water, a lonely old woman with meagre resources, a young sweatshop worker, a homeless man, a trafficked girl trapped in prostitution, and a seriously ill elderly lady informed that a physician is available to assist her in committing suicide.”

    Jesus is also running as a gay refugee seeking asylum from ISIS, a gay teenager condemned by a Church as inclined to an objective disorder, a gay husband or wife condemned as in an intrinsically evil play-marriage, a gay Catholic music director fired by his Bishop for entering into a civil marriage, a gay survivor of homophobic/religious violence (Orlando bombing style), a homeless gay teen thrown out onto the streets for coming out to his Catholic parents, etc … but Mr Magliano has his biases, and won’t broach those Jesus’ now will he?