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Meet Four Saintly Politicians

Few politicians have a reputation for holiness, but there are four Italians of that dirty trade for whom sainthood causes are underway. Desmond O’Grady introduces the four politicians of ethics. What do Luigi Sturzo, ...

Bishops: We Can Renew South Africa on May 8

Political and corporate sectors have betrayed the trust of the South African people, and the general election on May 8 “presents all South Africans with the opportunity to renew our vision” for the country,...

There are More than Three Parties

Bernard Moat, St Helena Bay, Western Cape – I  commend The Southern Cross for supporting the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office (CPLO) and Justice & Peace in their joint awareness campaign for voter registration for...

CPLO Response to Budget Speech 2018

Responding to the budget speech made by finance minister Malusi Gigaba on Wednesday, a Church analyst said that it seems to be a “fairly sincere attempt” to help South Africans escape out of the “fiscal pit” that the administration under Jacob Zuma had dug during his tenure as president.

Lessons to be Learnt from the Zuma Years

While many South Africans across the country have welcomed the resignation of President Jacob Zuma and the swearing in of African National Congress leader Cyril Ramaphosa, they are urged not to “overlook the many lessons that can be learnt from the turmoil of the Zuma years

How 2018 Will Be A Watershed Year

Division and corruption shall be the legacy of Jacob Zuma’s reign over our country. But the decision to announce free tertiary education for households with joint incomes below R350000 a year is the right one.