Are the Priesthood and Women in Crisis in our Church?

2 Responses

  1. Colonial Catholic says:

    This article seems to be implying that we should look at some way forward to Women’s Ordination; a question that is decidely closed by the Church’s Infalliable Magisterium. While the equality of Man and Woman before God is undeniable, the fact remains that Our Lord chose Men for His Priesthood (and Our Lord was by no means a misogynist) and reserved Ordination to the Male gender. The crisis in Vocations calls for a re evaluation of method and apporaoch, but it cannot justify changing the Doctrines of the Faith- if that were the case, every time Our Lord’s teaching caused a problem we could simply abandon or change it as we see fit; so much for the martyrs then.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Re vocations – we really need help, but to be honest, many priests cling to things they should not be involved in such as finance, maintenance of churches and administration. Often pastors want the last word on things that they have no experience or learning in. This issue especially comes up regarding art, architecture and music for sacred use. Fundraising is another great example.

    I would really love to see priests give more opportunity to their parishioners to get involved without micromanagement and let them shine where they are educated i.e. get an accountant or financial adviser involved, get trained musicians involved, get marketers and fundraisers involved. Don’t let people who have no idea what they are doing take the lead – this discourages and pushes out those who are actually qualified. This is why we struggle in the South African Catholic Church. I would also suggest that parish secretaries go for regular training.

    Re women’s issues. This is something that women need to address. For me the best forum for this is the CWL. They have been the only group to really integrate women in a very real way into church life and could give the kind of input church leaders are looking for.