Shameful Behaviour of Some Priests

6 Responses

  1. Jeannie Botha says:

    Is it not so that Priests are representatives of Jesus here on earth and not The Judge Himself. We need to pray for our priests. God have mercy on your priests and by your grace show them the right way, to lead the sheep to the Shepherd and not turning them away.

  2. angela says:

    I think this is totally unacceptable and the priest responsible – should himself be excommunicated ! and an apology sent to all those he has abused.

  3. Denzel Swarts says:

    It’s very sad to say the least, because it seems like Priesthood is not about the calling to become Jesus like on earth (servant leaders), but more and more priest is becoming position hungry leaders. It’s not about the common good anymore, it’s about I say this you follow. In a most recent case a priest even named and shamed parishioners by the name and read all the complaints this group of parishioners had written to the Archbishop in mass, causing mass to erupted into verbal fight amongst parishioners. I have very little hope for the church trying to recruit vocations, but Priesthood seems to be about status rather than humbleness.

  4. Frank Koob says:

    My observation is that as in other religious communities the old boys are the old Girls Clubs do more teaching about how to be a priest or a religious then the period of formation does. This may be true among the priests of the dioceses of South Africa.

  5. Stephane says:

    Well, those priests have no legal authority to impose an excommunication, only the bishops can do it. So, not only is it total nonsensical but it is also illegally imposed to that poor girl.

  6. Jonathan says:

    Perhaps the people should bother to pick up a Catechism and educate themselves. Whenever priests do as they please it is better to face their ‘wrath’ than allow them to get away with doing what is obviously wrong whether it is what was as big as described above or as seemingly small as using incorrect prayers and disobeying certain codified traditions . Some priests even change the words of the Eucharistic Prayer!

    In my case I respectfully asked my priest at the time (I have moved around a lot) to please remove the sand from the fonts during lent. It was a popular practise, but is ilicit. He then became very cold towards me and finally then ignored me completely. I found out later that he had gossiped about the incident to a mutual friend behind my back and that he was purposely being cold and ignoring me. This is not the Jesus I know. It really was such a small thing, but it was important to me that liturgical rules and traditions be kept. I still am hurt by this priests actions, but I hope that he is well wherever he may be.