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Let’s Be Careful: The Single-Issue Church

Recently I received an e-mail from one of the many Catholic mailing lists I belong to. The mail asked me to pray for US President Donald Trump, and went on to tell me how profound this man was as a president of the United States because he had spoken at the March for Life

Tlalane Manciya – Fr Ralph de Hahn fan

Tlalane Manciya of St Anthony’s parish in Langa, Cape Town, is a great fan of author Fr Ralph de Hahn. “His stories are among my most treasured books. Congratulations to Fr de Hahn on...

Mini World Youth Day: Good Job and Now onto Panama!

The apostolic nuncio commended the bishops of Southern Africa for giving such importance to the ministry to youth. Youth ministry was on the bishops’ agenda, especially with the worldwide Synod of Bishops in the Vatican in October focusing on youth.

Monsignor Barney McAleer Honoured

Mgr Barney McAleer, the popular Irish priest who currently is the coordinator of the SACBC Foundation, holds a framed “Certificate of Appreciation” from the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference as he stands next to SACBC president Archbishop Stephen Brislin.

A Changing Church: Some Can, Some Can’t

Mgr Vincent Hill, Pretoria – Some people, also in the Church, resist any reform, especially if it requires changing themselves. Isaac Newton stated the physical law that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The same applies to every change. Some get left behind, others try to reverse decisions made, showing they do not understand or accept the changes.