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Following in St Isidore’s Footsteps

We had a vegetable garden in our own backyard at home and I assisted with that. Planting the flowers (from seed) was my specialty. I still remember watching the alyssum, zinnias, snapdragons and other flowers come to life.

Every Bishop in Chile Resigns after Lashing by Pope

The entire episcopate of Chile has resigned over the handling of sex abuse allegations after receiving an unprecedented dressing-down from Pope Francis, as JUNNO AROCHO ESTEVES reports. VATICAN CITY (CNS)— Every bishop in Chile...

50 Years for Father Stan Lipski!

Fr Stan Lipski, of the Society of Christ for Poles Abroad, came from Australia to celebrate his golden jubilee with a Mass of thanksgiving in Nazareth House, Cape Town. He was ordained to the priesthood 50 years ago...

Sister Dolorosa Strobl OP Turns 90!

lmmaculate Conception parish in East London celebrated the 90th birthday of Sr Dolorosa Strobl OP, paying tribute to her 36 years of dedicated service as a catechist. Sr Dolly, as she is widely known,...

St Benedict’s College 60th Jubilee Mass!

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Pope: A Swiss Guard Has Faith, Love, Courage & Patience

The steadfast faith and love for the Catholic Church that have characterised members of the Swiss Guard for centuries must be part of the men’s lives even after they have stopped wearing their colourful medieval uniforms and carrying their halberds, Pope Francis said.