Category: Crisis

Church Leaders Condemn State Plundering

Leaders of all significant South African churches, including the Catholic Church, have condemned the evident “plundering of public resources”, blatant waste of taxpayers’ money, prevailing corruption, and weakening of public institutions.

Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

Aid agencies and Catholic officials are sounding the alarm on Yemen’s spiraling humanitarian crisis, calling on the combatants to end the war and make badly need assistance available. Yemen is facing the largest humanitarian...

If Pope is Innocent of Vigano’s Claim, Let Him Say So

The Southern Cross editorial of September 12 in favour of a Truth & Reconciliation Commission for repairing the abuse scandal and restoring justice to the Church in the wake of the terrible crisis engulfing the whole Body of Christ, deserves grateful praise.

Clerical Abuse of Adults Heinous Too

As an adult survivor of clerical sexual abuse I find it hurtful, unjust and sad that it would appear that the majority of the Catholic Church’s hierarchy, from the pope down, is advocating a “zero tolerance” policy only for the clerical abuse of minors and its cover-up.

A Nation’s Hope Betrayed

Hope; the faith or yearning that something depended upon will fulfil itself — this has been the fate of many ordinary citizens of every other country regarding their government. Nigeria is no different. Nigeria...