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How the Church Changed After World War I

World War I and its aftermath changed the map of Europe, but also dismantled the notion of the “state church” in a way that forced the Catholic Church to discover again the authentic meaning...

Vatican Official Hails Lay Leaders in the Church

Archbishop Protase Rugambwa, secretary of the Congregation of the Evangelisation of Peoples, leads Mass in Gaborone’s Christ the King cathedral on a pastoral visit to Botswana and Namibia. By Sr Phatsimo Ramokgwebana SC – A...

Stephen Hawking and the Vatican

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, who said he did not believe in God, was still an esteemed member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and fostered a fruitful dialogue between science and faith.

Keeping the Garden Green: Vatican uses Essential Oils on Outdoor Art

The Vatican Museums and the Vatican City governor’s office – which includes the gardeners – are involved in a five-year project to develop ecologically friendly cleaning agents and techniques to clean, restore and maintain the 570 works of art on display outside. Those works include fountains, statues and stone plaques.