Category: The Holy Land

Driving Out Christians

Pilgrims to the Holy Land will see in abundance the holy shrines of Our Lord and the rocks of the prophets. These are often referred to as the “Ancient Stones” of the faith. These...

Go to the Holy Land, if You Can

Recently I had the most wonderful opportunity to visit the Holy Land. Friends of mine invited me and I did not have to think twice about it, because visiting the Holy Land was always...

Finding Jesus at the Waters

In biblical times, as today, water was vital: to be hydrated, to stay clean, to produce crops, to raise livestock. Water was life. So it is no accident that so many crucial events in the Gospel take place around water: the Sea of Galilee, the River  Jordan, and the various wells and healing pools.

Catholic Returns to Stolen Home

This week’s massacre of 55 people in Gaza took place during a protest commemorating what Palestinians call the Naqba (Catastrophe), when many lost their homes to the newly-established state of Israel 70 years ago....