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Finding Jesus at the Waters

In biblical times, as today, water was vital: to be hydrated, to stay clean, to produce crops, to raise livestock. Water was life. So it is no accident that so many crucial events in the Gospel take place around water: the Sea of Galilee, the River  Jordan, and the various wells and healing pools.

Reflection on The Feast of the Ascension

The view I have of God and the view I have of myself are intricately entwined. Knowing our original source gives me a firm direction towards my ultimate goal; gives me also the wisdom by which I come to direct my life. Without this there is a great emptiness in our hearts that nothing, no experience or possession, and no other human can ever fill.

Jesus’ Agony Over the Weight of Sin

In one of his columns, Fr Ron Rolheiser OMI mentions the reason for Jesus’ agony in the garden. He says that it was not easy for Jesus to link with a divine source outside himself in prayer. He then concludes that this was the reason for his agony in the Garden of Gethsemane.