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Why We Need the Word of God

August 25 will be Bible Sunday. To help us prepare, Br Mike Chalmers CF looks at how Scripture and the Eucharist work together to lead us to Christ. What better way can we prepare for receiving Christ...

Saint Paul and the Bible

When we think of St Paul on his many great journeys fearlessly preaching the gospel, do we imagine a street preacher proclaiming his message aloud, grasping and sometimes waving around a well-thumbed leather-bound copy of the Bible? When we think of Paul writing his letters, do we imagine him writing away surrounded by a stack of bibles, commentaries and works of theology? We would be mistaken.

In Search of the Historical Jesus

The study of the historical Jesus was the subject of a day-long workshop delivered by three leading biblical scholars. The workshop was presented at Holy Redeemer parish in Bergvliet, Cape Town, by Oblate Father...