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Father Emil Blaser Hangs Up His Morning Mic

After 17 years, Fr Emil Blaser OP hung up the microphone on his Radio Veritas morning show “Matins” on May 11, with many past interviewees paying tribute to South Africa’s radio pioneer. Over the years, Fr Blaser has interviewed hundreds of eminent people including bishops, nuncios and ambassadors, and got to know many people who have become his friends.

Christ’s Disciples Will be Led Were They Do Not Want to Go

Pope Francis focused his homily on the day’s reading from St. John’s Gospel (21:15-19). Jesus asks Simon Peter three times, “Do you love me,” and each time that Simon Peter replies he does, Jesus tells him to feed and tend his sheep. He then forewarns his disciple that following him would lead to going “where you do not want to go.”

Race and Our Future

On reading the headline, some readers might have decided not to read on. That would be a pity, because the debates on race and racism are important — and they concern us all.

Without the Holy Spirit, Nothing Happens

I was an undergrad in philosophy at The Catholic University of America when I had the opportunity to attend an off-campus lecture by Rev. Alexander Schmemann, dean of St. Vladimir Orthodox Seminary in New...

Following in St Isidore’s Footsteps

We had a vegetable garden in our own backyard at home and I assisted with that. Planting the flowers (from seed) was my specialty. I still remember watching the alyssum, zinnias, snapdragons and other flowers come to life.

The Gift of Baptism is to be Cherished!

Children have a right to be brought up in the Christian faith, Pope Francis said. Parents and godparents must make sure they “feed the flame of baptismal grace in their little ones, helping them persevere in the faith

Catholic Returns to Stolen Home

This week’s massacre of 55 people in Gaza took place during a protest commemorating what Palestinians call the Naqba (Catastrophe), when many lost their homes to the newly-established state of Israel 70 years ago....

Every Bishop in Chile Resigns after Lashing by Pope

The entire episcopate of Chile has resigned over the handling of sex abuse allegations after receiving an unprecedented dressing-down from Pope Francis, as JUNNO AROCHO ESTEVES reports. VATICAN CITY (CNS)— Every bishop in Chile...