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Bring the Noise! A Church That Will Stand the Test of Time

It’s my humble opinion that so many of our Catholics brothers and sisters are very godly, without always living out the teaching of the Gospel message—but in the same vein they can be very petty and legalistic in practising their faith, without realising that legalism breeds a lifeless, boring faith

The Problem with Loving Mary too Much

Many Christian denominations unfairly condemn the Catholic Church “worshipping” Mary side-by-side with God. As the Mother of God — the uniquely perfect example of faithful discipleship to her son Jesus, the Son of God — Mary is the greatest of all the saints and is rightly the most honoured human being. But she is not equal to God.

A Leader of Our Time   

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela was a game-changer in the struggle against apartheid and patriarchy — and a devout Christian. COLLEEN CONSTABLE reflects on impact and faith of the beloved and controversial leader.
“I shall never lose hope. My people shall never lose hope. In fact, we expect that the work will go on.”

Maybe Restrictions Make Kids Leave the Church?

We had four children and took them to Mass from an early age, as my late husband and I enjoyed going to Mass together as a family. I was strict, as I was very conscious about disturbing others, and the children got the message that they had to behave at Mass.