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Gossip Eats the Fabric of the Church

Sincere, harmonious unity is needed in the world and in the church, Pope Francis told an international association for Catholic priests. “It’s very sad when we find in a presbyterate that this unity doesn’t exist,” and, instead, gossip and backstabbing are the rule, he said.

Priest: My Time as Bandits’ Hostage

Last month, Fr Maurizio Pallù was kidnapped and held in captivity by bandits. Here the 63-year-old Italian diocesan priest, who serves in Nigeria as a missionary of the Neocatechumenal Way, tells his story of facing fear with hope and prayer.

Priest shines light on suffering

KEEP IT LIGHT: Praying through Suffering into Joy, by Larry Kaufmann CSsR (Redemptorist Pastoral Publication, Merrivale). 2017. 84pp. R70 Reviewed by Fr Kevin Reynolds The sub-title of this 84-page book by the well-known South...