Mugabe in the Vatican

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  1. P.R.Margeot says:

    Receiving holy communion: it’s between him and his confessor. All one can say is that , before the concil, such a figure would simply not be allowed at such a ceremony. In those days, the Church was respected and there was no political correctness. The consolation is that our Holy Church is slowly moving into the right direction , slowly re-discovering its rich Tradition, and the mass of all time. The good pope is steering us into calmer waters. Exciting times are coming.

  2. Anthony ka Mosalagae says:

    Anyone receiving the body of Christ not in a state of grace receives his/her condemnation. St Paul will say that! Is there any nuncio in Harare? what is he saying?

  3. tsediso mokoena says:

    i believe that we have special connection with God, and no one can judge other person on level of God and relations we have with Him. Mugabe and his relationship with God no one can tell unless he feels like he is worthy of doing that action.

  4. Godfrey says:

    On President Mugabe in the vatican and receiving Holy communion:
    I liked the comment made by cardinal Napier.
    Yes pres. Mugabe has insulted the bishops of his country, still the vatican did well to welcome him. I hope he will repent before he dies ( like the repentant sinner), and be able to tell his confessor: ” Ask God the Father of Jesus to forgive me all the evil I did to his servants in my Zimbabwe”.

  5. Andr Gildenhuys says:

    As much as this anger me, I think we need to remember the worsd to the hymn, “their is acceptance for you at the table of the LORD” I do however feel very sorry for this burden on the back of Zim’s bishops.

  6. Applause, Gunther. An excellent explanation, though many USA bishops wouldn’t agree as they are adept at refusing communion to politicians!

    But why does the Vatican have to shoot itself in the foot with another PR blunder? And this time to the detriment of it’s own bishops in Zimbabwe!

  7. Karen Parkin says:

    I agree with your article above. The Southern African church and its faithful has been scandalised by the apparent flying in the face of all that we hold sacred by Mr Mugabe. It would be great if the Vatican could tell us their rationale for allowing this to happen. Yes – I do believe avidly that it is not for us to judge the internal forum of the man. But on the other hand there is abundant evidence of his violations against humanity for which I would have thought he should have been excommunicated.
    Yet I ask myself over and over WWJD?

  8. Klaus Borgolte says:

    What does the Church expect from me, how devout am I expected to be?
    To accept her teaching is a continuous struggle already.

    May I not use my reasoning at least on earthly matters? How am I supposed to defend the Roman Church against her many adversaries? Without any or at best unsatisfactory explanation the Church adds another burden to the existing.

  9. Rob Parer says:

    Many people are thinking that Mugabe has donated some of his millions of illgotten gains to the Vatican.Why else would he be welcomed so warmly.
    Can someone enlighten us please.
    Thanks, Rob.

  10. P.R.Margeot says:

    To Mr Borgolte above asks ,”how am I am supposed to defend the Church against her many adversaries”. This is what is troubling Catholics these days and for forty years now. When we see what happens everywhere, we are dumbfounded, helpless, puzzled…. Yet, do not despair ever, things are going to improve, the Holy Church is going back to her Tradition and to the mass of all time(for those who crave for it and there are many). That is the only way forward and then she will regain respect in and from the world, she will be listened to,she will never be liked, but she will be respected.
    The Tridentine mass will again flood the world with grace and blessings from Above, it being the Holy Sacrifice of Calvary, an aspect which has been lost since the Council.
    Remember the Motu Propio Summorum Pontificum of 7/7/07 : justice having been done to that mass. Now Catholics must keep asking for the mass to the Bishops. They will obey the Pope. Courage Catholics, better times are coming, the ship is being steered into calmer waters by the good Pope.

  11. Benita says:

    I wonder if Pope John Paul II had written the guest list if Mugabe would have gotten an invite….

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