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The Profit in War

  A hundred years ago on November 11 at 11:11, the “war to end all wars” concluded, bringing to a close a global conflict that changed the world. After four years of war, three...

The Viganò Papers

Many Catholics have been left uncertain by the letters issued by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò which sought to implicate Pope Francis in the abuse scandal involving a disgraced US cardinal.

How to Do Halloween

Over the next couple of weeks, many South Africans, especially the young, will plan activities that mark two foreign days of festivities. Both should concern Catholics.

Our Missionary Mandate

On Mission Sunday we recall with gratitude the great legacy of priests and religious who over the past 150 years left their home countries to bring the Good News to our region. Even today,...

The Future of Sex Work

When Jesus ministered to and even socialised with prostitutes, he gave his followers a mandate to aid these most widely reviled women in society.

The War on the Pope

  In his First Letter to the Corinthians, St Paul takes angry issue with evident division among that community’s Christians (1:10-15). “Every one of you is declaring, ‘I belong to Paul’, or ‘I belong...

The Morality of Dagga

The Constitutional Court’s decriminalisation of the possession of marijuana for private use by adults will raise questions about whether private cannabis-consumption is morally acceptable for Catholics. With the element of legality effectively no longer...

Why Confession Seal Cannot be Broken

Calls are getting louder for the seal of the confessional in the sacrament of reconciliation to be loosened to compel a priest to report confessions of sexual abuse to the civil authorities. The Catholic...

A Truth Commission Is Needed

  Some Church leaders still find it difficult to acknowledge that the greater scandal in the distressing history of clerical abuse is the cover-ups and failure of diligence among bishops, the Vatican and other...

In Crisis, Keep Hope

As Catholics are hit by wave after wave of old and new abuse scandals, many people are facing a crisis of faith: How can all this evil be reconciled with the Good News of...

God Alone Must Judge

The Catholic Church’s immutable belief in the sanctity of life found renewed expression this month when Pope Francis amended the Catechism to declare capital punishment “morally inadmissible”.

A New Scandal

In recent weeks, religious Sisters from a congregation in Chile told national television their stories of abuse by priests and other nuns — and how those in authority knew but failed to protect them. In India, a nun filed a formal charge against a bishop whom she accused of having raped her.