Mugabe – the scandal factor?

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  1. Colleen says:

    Can’t help but wonder what Mugabe’s intention was when he went to Holy Communion – “I can do whatever I like – who will stop me”! He has his own rules, and owns the power to contort, distort and control any situation, in order to prove his total disregard for those who would oppose him. He has the attention he seeks, and seems not to care one iota for anything sacred.

  2. precious says:

    am not for or against mugabe’s decision to receive holy communion at the beatification of blesses john paull ii…but isnt receiving communion an examination of one’s conscience?we for sure can not state wat state of ‘consience” mugabe might have been just like we cant tell for every1 who was at the function.are we not in some sense being like the pharasees who saw great sin in others nd neva themselves(nd wen they saw sin in themselves didnt they claim others r greater sinners…?) everyone has a gud nd bad side to about not being judgemental for once nd looking at ourselves nd repent for our wrongs??all we can do is leave mugabe at the Divine Mercy of our Saviour for He is the rightful judge nd only He knows what is really in a persons herat-even mugabe’s!

  3. Ramonyaduwe says:

    Can a priest refuse communion to person on the basis that he ,the priest knows that the person is a siner? Is it allowed for me to inform my priest about the sinners in church who should be refused communion? Maybe we should have ‘sin monitoring committees’ in our parishes so that people could report all the sinners in the parish, and keep a register of those who go for confession. Then we will know who is allowed communion an who is not.

  4. Julian Ribeiro says:

    I think this is a very considered and objective discourse on what is clearly a very difficult issue. It introduces a number of aspects which aren’t immediately apparent, and skillfully illustrates that this is no black & white matter. Well done, Fr Russell.

  5. Throw the first stone? says:

    It is surprising really that people even in the Church fail to see the persecution of the little guy trying to safeguard his own. Mugabe to people in Zimbabwe (of course not the fair weather friend whose only motto is “never should I suffer for any good, feed me as a nestling”) is a true leader that will only be remembered after he is dead.
    1. On the Church and Christianity front he is hated because he has taken up the call of Holy Mother Church (and the Bible) that homosexuality is hateful to God. To the leaders of old this is hailed as true and Godly leadership, but to Mugabe it is frowned upon. It is because of this that he was subjected to a foiled citizens arrest.

    2. For redistributing land to the suppressed (in the fight against slavery it was hailed as heroic) but to Mugabe it is counted as evil suppression of the poor white minority. Sure the MPs took advantage and some lied through their teeth about progress on the ground, this happens in all countries but for Mugabe it made him a Hitler alive again.

    3. For standing up against the tyranny of the west against a small (resource rich) black nation, the world took the side of the giant and demonised the little guy.

    4. Zimbabwe is hated because like the Philippines it is a Christian nation that tries to uphold Catholic values and to make matters worse was worn through a protracted struggle in which the little guy triumphed and of course ‘the world can’t have that’ – ‘all the leaders should sweep the struggles of the little people under the carpet accept the bullying tactics of the big guys – get money to enrich a few townsfolk (who are vocal and can scream “refugee status please I’m being persecuted”) and ignore real progress for the poor – Oh no we can’t have that – this is a world of the rich and while we are at it let’s lock the gates of the Churches and put a “hoot twice sign” so the worthy people only can enter.

    The world belongs to God and not the tactics of the big guy with resources to play politics and turn a nation against itself. Mugabe is no saint or may be not even close but for his efforts in maintaining a Catholic nation “please let him alone”. Have you ever seen the popes attacking him? Do you think pope Benedict XVI is afraid of Mugabe – why is he not coming out in full force against him or against the Philippines for barring “Planned Parenthood” into their country – wholesale contraception, abortion, infanticide against the born unwanted, wholesale sex for the unmarried (Oh it’s called live-in now not premarital sex anymore …).

    To vilify a son of Holy Mother Church, be honest and read for yourself what is at stake, who are the groups with more to lose and lots of money who can play operations of murdering even their own to get the crowds behind them. Read for yourself because sometimes what appears obvious to you might not be as obvious once one begins to apply the law of reason and find out for themselves. Do critical analysis followed by constructive arguments to win over those you think are lost – after all isn’t it our job to win souls for Christ in the Church; that no one deserves hell and in the footprints of Our Lord and Master we shall pray for all until they all head straight to Heaven not hell?

    Do not judge lest you be judged, for God looks not at the obvious but rather the intentions of the heart and the motivations of the will. My ways are not your ways; even him who says you fool to his brother is liable to judgement; rather I get surprised with people who accept things at face value with no (testing the spirits), run with it as if they know what they don’t know and throw sticks and stones against ‘the accused’ with no evidence of their own. Don’t you think Stephen was stoned the same way? I don’t know, but as a Catholic I should not judge unfairly because someone says “look that guy is evil lets kill him, then I also say “lets do it!!).