Religious orders after Vatican II

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  • Calvin James Montgomery

    Reverend and Dear Father

    A short response to your article

    ” By their fruits you shall know them”

    I have read, and re-read your article and surprisingly find it hard to disagree with, simply from an observational standpoint. This is a first for me perhaps, thank you!

    Firstly I agree with you, the traditional orders are growing (Thank God), but why?

    Allow me to offer my perspective

    1) Young people like myself who have been raised sometime in the last 50 years which have followed the council, have been raised in a world which is completely indifferent and even hostile to Christ and his Church. The traditional orders, with thier habbited monks and nuns have proved to be living witnesses in this ‘post modern era ‘ to those same evangelical councils which the council called for in ‘PERFECTAE CARITATIS’ and firmly ahearant to the magisterium of the church over the past two melennia. They are neither ultra conservative, nor ultra Liberal, they understand the council in light of the past, not in separation from it.

    2) The Chruch did not begin when the council started, and the vast majority of the older dying orders behaved in such a scandelous way in the last 50 years that made unfortunately everything from the time of pentecost to the opening of theseem irrelevant and obsolete, this situation has been mentioned by the Holy Father himself many times specifically as to how we should interpret the council, in the light of Tradition, and that the Faith has not changed, that Vat II is not a super dogma.

    i.e. They became ultra Liberal (ie; have fallen into mortal sin)

    3) The Traditional Orders understand and indeed live the the Truth of our Faith which can never change. However many of the older dying orders have tried to manipulate the deposit of the faith, and unfortunately have lead not a few baptised Catholics into perdition by their rejecting the magisterium of the Chruch and the Authority of the sucessor of St. Peter. The LWCR is a prime example

    Just a few reasons off the top of my head

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