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Stations of the Cross Online

What are the Stations of the Cross? Stations of the Cross by Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas – https://www.dolr.org/stations-of-the-cross From the earliest days of Christianity, pilgrims journeyed...

Passion Play a Family Affair

By Illa Thompson – The Passion Play, performed by the Durban Catholic Players’ Guild, embodies love—both spiritual and secular! Cast members claim their involvement in the Durban Passion Play to...

Ask a Toddler Why Jesus Was Crucified

By Sheldon Vandrey – Every year on Good Friday at 10:00, our parish of the Holy Spirit in Arcadia, Port Elizabeth, hosts its Passion play, performed by the...

Why Don’t We Want God’s Mercy?

Carrying a cross in our pockets can be a beautiful prayer. There are times when we pray with words and times when it is just the silence of our hearts — like St John Vianney who used to say about his prayer in from of the Blessed Sacrament: “I just look at him and he looks at me.”