Author: Michael Shackleton

Church, State and Moral Values

Church and State in a democratic society share the same members but each has its own independent agenda and purpose. The State has a role to play on the natural level to pursue the temporal common good of its citizens and to defend their well-being. The Church’s mission, as a self-governing body, is the pursuit of the supernatural well-being of its members and ultimately life everlasting in Christ.

How Understandings of the Sacraments Differ

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the sacraments are perceptible signs (words and actions) accessible to our human nature. By the action of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, they make present efficaciously the grace that they signify (1084).

Where May We Scatter Ashes?

We Catholics can so easily forget that we are a more tightly knit community than we think. The Church asks us to be particularly mindful of this when a loved one dies.