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Without the Holy Spirit, Nothing Happens

I was an undergrad in philosophy at The Catholic University of America when I had the opportunity to attend an off-campus lecture by Rev. Alexander Schmemann, dean of St. Vladimir Orthodox Seminary in New...

Lifted By the Winds of Lent

Like many young children, I had a vivid and expressive imagination when I was young, and that came especially to the fore during play times. A princess who needed to be rescued, a wicked witch and an intrepid explorer were among the fantasy roles I enjoyed enacting.

Can’t Forgive Others? You Need the Holy Spirit

Forgiving those who have caused pain or offence is not easy, Pope Francis said. It is a grace that we have to ask for,” because the peace offered by Christ cannot take root in a heart that is incapable of living in fraternity with others and incapable of rebuilding those bonds after being wounded, the pope said

We Urgently Need the Holy Spirit

John Driver , Daveyton – Jesus, who was truly man, received  baptism from John the Baptist to “fulfil all righteousness” (Mark 1:4-9). The Holy Spirit descended upon him in the form of a dove after his baptism. Jesus was 30 years old (Luke 3:23).