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Lifted By the Winds of Lent

Like many young children, I had a vivid and expressive imagination when I was young, and that came especially to the fore during play times. A princess who needed to be rescued, a wicked witch and an intrepid explorer were among the fantasy roles I enjoyed enacting.

Can’t Forgive Others? You Need the Holy Spirit

Forgiving those who have caused pain or offence is not easy, Pope Francis said. It is a grace that we have to ask for,” because the peace offered by Christ cannot take root in a heart that is incapable of living in fraternity with others and incapable of rebuilding those bonds after being wounded, the pope said

We Urgently Need the Holy Spirit

John Driver , Daveyton – Jesus, who was truly man, received  baptism from John the Baptist to “fulfil all righteousness” (Mark 1:4-9). The Holy Spirit descended upon him in the form of a dove after his baptism. Jesus was 30 years old (Luke 3:23).

Speaking in Tongues made Clear

At Pentecost the Church remembers how the Holy Spirit descended on the assembled apostles and gave them the gift of tongues, so that when they preached immediately afterwards, they could be understood by foreign people

Bad Popes?

We believe that the Holy Spirit governs the Church. Well then, how could Rodrigo Borgia, with a bad reputation, have become Pope Alexander VI?